How To Increase Traffic With Content Amplification

You work for hours to create the perfect content only for no one to see it.

That is the reality that a lot of startups and brands face when it comes to engagement. If you ask most marketers, they will admit that acquiring traffic and qualified leads is one of the hardest aspects of growing a business in any vertical.

Most internal teams spend hours creating content that they hope their audience will love and feel defeated when they publish it and very few people see it.

content amplification

Criticism is a better response than ghosting.

Truthfully, there is not an owner, cofounder, C-Suite employee, or creative director that has not faced this issue. To make matters worse you fall into a cycle of suffering because people do not like to engage content that does not have engagement but it’s hard to get engagement unless you already have it.

At WordRev we are not a content agency that likes to just drop words off into your inbox. Instead, we help create engagement and that’s why we are proud to bring you this content amplification tutorial.

You’re going to learn how to repurpose the work you have already invested time in to gain loyal audiences that will end up converting into leads and stay with your brand. That means amplifying new articles and reviving past posts on your blog.

First, What Is Content Amplification?

Content amplification is the process of taking content that you have created and amplifying it so that it reaches a greater audience that is interested in what you’re talking about. Content amplification has the objective of increasing ROI and brand awareness.

To do this you will use different channels that we will discuss in this tutorial to expose your content to an appreciative audience.

what is content amplification

The goal is for those people to see the amplified content and then return to the original source.

It’s a fact that this process creates a filtration system and that means that the people who are coming to the original content are going to be interested in it and stay engaged for a longer period of time. This creates a situation where you can expect lower bounce rates and better KPIs.

The most basic way of doing this is by sharing your post on social media sites which most businesses are already doing. Because of algorithms that are in place on these platforms, you’re competing with other content and not as many people will see it. Because social sharing is so basic we’re going to skip over it and show you other ways that you can promote your content besides being beholden to an algorithm.

Start By Optimizing Your Blog Posts

Copywriters should write great copy, but it is up to the brand owner to understand how they want to include a call to action within the media they present to visitors. Every asset that you create for your business should propagate data that you can use recurringly to increase profits on the backend.

Think of it as creating many funnels within each section of content that you offer an audience.

The most common way to do this is by offering a unique asset but the visitor can input their information to download. For example, if you were an agency, you could offer an optimization cheat sheet for website owners that they could download if they input their email.

blog post call to action optimization

Because a lot of your traffic to your blog is going to be top of the funnel it is a great idea to not hard pitch them with a complete call to action. Instead, you should be kissing your traffic and familiarizing them with your brand’s ethos and what you do.

There are a lot of pre-built plugins for services like MailChimp that are designed to capture information from the people who are visiting your blog.

Now let’s look at meaningful ways that you can implement content amplification.

1# Use Paid Search & Social Ads

A lot of keywords that are used in posts generally have a low cost per click competition bid rate because they’re not buyer keywords. This means you can create Google search ads for your blog post that drive traffic without spending too much money on awareness.

It is the most direct approach to amplifying your content and you can do it with blog posts that are years old if the content is evergreen and has not fallen into a state of irrelevancy.

Social media ads are another great way of promoting content.

However, we recommend using social media channels for retargeting warm leads. You can’t do this by promoting content that you believe will interest people that already know about you through social media platforms to get those people coming back.

At this current time your best value it’s search ads for static content.

We are primarily talking about content, but if you have media such as videos you can consider running ads on YouTube and forming partnerships with influencers that will embed your videos. We will talk more about forming lasting partnerships for content amplification later.

#2 Repurpose Already Created Content

Most of you reading this probably already have some content that is unique and valuable to the people you are marketing to. Unfortunately, a lot of brands will create a piece of content and not think about how they can transform it into other types of media.

One of the easiest ways to repurpose your content and amplify it at the same time is to take static words and create an infographic out of them using an easy tool like Canva.

repurpose your content

We recommend that companies have their creative directors or brand ambassadors build these simple layouts using templates in cloud tools to make these infographics. If you make a wonderful infographic that highlights some of the best aspects of your content, you can expect it to be embedded in other websites.

It’s also easy to use your content to make videos out of it.

Now, this can involve hiring actors and spending a lot on production value for content that matters most to your brand, or you can simply make cost-efficient explainer videos for blog posts that are not pillar posts for your website.

By doing this method you make sure that your initial investment in content is tripled at least.

#3 Form Lasting Influencer Connections

Influencer marketing is only going to increase with the advent of virtual spaces in the metaverse.

People love purchasing based on social experiences they see from people they trust. At the same time, bloggers and social butterflies love to create authenticity by sharing facts from brands that know what they’re talking about.

You can use social influencing platforms to connect with influencers or simply look up a list of niche bloggers that will share pieces of your content within their editorial schedule.

If these influencers have an Email newsletter you can be included in that shout out which will increase traffic to your website. Again, with this method, you’re not looking for a cold hard elevator pitch. What you want to do is create awareness in other people’s ecosystems.

Sometimes this can be done for free if you’re offering a lot of statistical value to influencers, but you can also pay to be included in newsletters, podcasts, and blog posts.

Perfect Platforms For Content Amplification

Now that you know how to optimize your blog post, form partnerships with influencers, and directly drive traffic with ads; let’s take a closer look at different platforms that you can leverage to increase engagement with the content that you produce for your brand.

Each one of these different ecosystems on the internet is proven to be able to offer you an audience that can be filtered within subgroups that have an interest in your vertical.

#1 Reddit

Reddit it’s perfect for content amplification because you can find subreddits that match your niche and then participate within them to draw people into your content. You can do this by answering questions that include a link back to your website or simply becoming a valuable member.

Make sure you do not spam and check the rules in each subreddit because they tend to change from one thread to the next.

Most Redditors are hardcore about what they’re interested in and they take content seriously.

You will find most subreddit members to be picky about what they consume so save some of your most revealing content for the Reddit platform. Reddit is the front page of the Internet and it’s a way for you to find multiple groups that already have an interest in what you’re offering.

Most people fail with Reddit because they do not realize that it is still top of the funnel and you should not hard sell because the community does not appreciate that.

#2 Quora

Quora is an ask and answer board that serves as a place where you can learn about your audience and understand what their questions may be. it’s a tool beyond content amplification because it allows you to know what people want to see and then tailor content around those curiosities.

One of the best ways to use Quora is to find questions and then have content written specifically for them that you will share to answer the people.

A general way to have success is to build your profile there and become known as a top contributor instead of focusing on trying to inject your links back to your website each time you answer a question. Reputation is always the foundation of inbound traffic.

Your aim should be to provide the utmost quality in an answer with factual details towards the top so that your answer becomes a top answer which will drive more traffic for a long time. Remember that Quora answers are often embedded in Google so that is an added benefit to a quality approach.

#3 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are the best way to connect to people based on geography. If you want to target a section of a city or region there is no better way to do so than with Facebook groups. Sometimes you can pay for the sponsored post by contacting the administrator of the group.

Keep your corporate identity low and make sure that the account you’re using to interact in Facebook groups is authentic and humanistic.

For those of you who own local businesses and would like to become more a part of the community, Facebook groups are a way to do it. You can even set up an employee with the task of interacting and Facebook groups and give their Facebook a banner about your company.

When people hover over their profile they will see where they work and who they represent and that will gain you natural traffic that is high quality.

#4 Forums

Arguably forums are an antiquated form of communication on the internet, but there are still a lot of great communities out there in specific verticals that you can interact with to share your content. Forums rely on contributors to stay around and if you become one the staff will welcome you.

It’s going to take time to break into a forum community because you must pay your dues and people must get used to seeing you around since most forums are tight communities.

In some industries, you will even find paid membership forms where you can connect with people openly. Although you see less relevant forms in the current iteration of the Internet, they are still important and should not be overlooked for content amplification.

#5 Discord Servers

Discord servers are great channels to contribute to the community that will give back to you and targets a younger demographic of people. For some niches like entertainment, tech, and games you will find discord to be the place for sharing content.

You can even create your own discord server and provide a way for people to join in the footer of your website so that you have an audience that is not limited by an algorithm in seeing your content.

This is an overlooked way to engage an audience without being beholden to big tech platforms.


Amplification is the way to get the most out of the assets you are already paying for. You can use it to boost new posts and give life to existing infrastructure. It’s a strategy that works with all budgets and will create great sentiment towards your brand if you do not cold sell.

what type of problems are you facing with increasing engagement?

At WordRev we love to talk about content success, and we would enjoy answering any questions you may have. Just drop a comment below to get the conversation started.

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