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Find your personalized freelance writer for hire that is well trained & vetted. Match our expert freelance copywriters with your projects requirements to gain authority with your audience.

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360° Freelance Copywriters

Legacy freelance writer for hire services leave you doing all the preliminary and post writing work. WordRev will create an editorial calendar, research keywords, analyze competitors, and publish your post whilst allowing you to choose from top writing talent.

Writer Choice

Choose between dozens of writers and select a freelance copywriter that fits your industry best.


If you like the writer you selected, keep them from now on. Never lose brand consistency to a lack of availability.

USA Freelance Writers

Every freelance writer for hire is from the United States and undergoes extensive training by our team.

3X Revisions

Each article written by your chosen freelancer comes with a 3X revision to make sure you love your content.

Media Assets

When you order an article from our freelance writer services it will come automatically with one HQ image.

Data Backed Content

The content process with WordRev starts with topical analysis, keyword research, and competitor inspection.

Go Beyond Freelance Writer Hiring Platforms With WordRev

Legacy freelancer writing platforms focus only on delivering a file to your inbox. WordRev is a complete content management team dedicated to growing your audience.


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Once you sign up and choose your freelance copywriter we go to work analyzing trends, keywords, and inspecting competitors.


WordRev optimizes all freelance writer content to comply with search engines algorithms to ensure your content ranks.


Each article written by your chosen freelance writer will be published to your website (optionally) so that you can focus on your project.


The WordRev team takes freelance copywriting to a new level with preliminary research designed to help you grow your audience. Each article is backed by keyword research, competitor analysis, and insights into topical trends.

white label content marketing


Traditional freelance writer for hire platforms only focus on writing and do not handle optimization. Every article from WordRev is SEO optimized to delivery stellar organic rankings. Under the right circumstances our content indexes within 2 days.


We at WordRev pride ourselves on being your fractional content management agency. That means we handle every aspect of the content pipeline. Have our trained staff publish your post to your blog for you so that you can focus on your project.

Words That Scale With You

Choose how many words you want to receive every month. You can always scale up or down as your projects change. No contracts or penalties!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we go beyond research to match one of our expert writers experience with your industry. You’re purchasing authority content that engages audiences.

We offer a 3X revision policy per article we publish. You can have an article revised to your specifications without any additional costs.

WordRev is an all in one content agency. It is our ambition to become your fractional content manager. We will handle everything so you can focus on your project. Here’s a short version of the process.

  1. Choose your package. 
  2. We research, write, and publish your content.
  3. Each article comes with 1 HQ image.

99% of the content we write are for clients who do not want to reveal the content is ghost written by us. Instead of samples, sign up for a 600 word trial.

For now we are offering your first 1000 words in 48 hours. After that delivery takes 3 days per 1000 words depending the content you ordered.

Content indexes within 2 days which is amazing considering how hard it is to index within Google these days. We gained over 200 keywords so far with these guys. A++
George Mitsov
CEO Swift SaaS

2000 Words


4000 Words


6000 Words


8000 Words


Bulk Pricing

9¢ / Word

Choose A Freelance Writer & Receive Your First Article In 48 Hours.

Sign up with our trial for $2 and receive a polished 600-word freelance article within 48 hours or less. No commitments or surprise subscriptions guaranteed.

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