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ProxyEmpire is a new SaaS that provides companies and individuals with worldwide proxies that are sourced from peer devices enabling those entities to facilitate data mining along with other use cases. Their co-founder George Mitsov contacted us about the potential of growing their business.

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Since December 2021 we have been working with Proxy Empire to increase their traffic by creating an editorial calendar, researching their industry for keywords, and publishing high-quality content.

The Challenge

We at WordRev knew that this would be a unique circumstance considering that ProxyEmpire is a SaaS in a highly technical vertical. To complicate matters their previous domain was penalized, the website was not optimized, and we had to fix the content of a previous writer.

Our scope was to create top-of-the-funnel awareness while including content with search intent that will convert towards the bottom of the funnel.

At the beginning of the project, we chose to make keyword rankings in the top 100 a metric of success.

That is because the website was completely new, and it did not rank for any search terms. As ProxyEmpire grows we will be shifting our KPIs towards trial signups and the client’s internal team has been informed to monitor brand awareness across social media platforms.

The Ongoing Solution

The first step in meeting the challenge outlined in our scope for ProxyEmpire was to provide them with one of our in-house writers that understand proxies. WordRev thrives because we match our writers to a subject that they’re passionate about.

Because of this, we provide authoritative content for ProxyEmpire’s audience.

Our client needed a full editorial solution, so we started the process by researching ProxyEmpire’s niche, search terms, evaluating their competitors, and checking industry trends for topical reference.

The process went like this…

#1 Aggressive Research

WordRev utilizes a host of above industry-standard tools like Google trends, Ahrefs, and SEO Surfer to analyze the potential of growth for a client like ProxyEmpire. It’s essential for us to create a valuable keyword list that reflects the right search intent to increase our main KPIs.

content strategy case study

The research process includes checking a client’s competitor’s most highly prized internal pages and comparing it with the ability of our clients being able to rank their page.

Competitor research is only part of the process because to outmatch your competition you must expand into new topics better leading in the industry. For that, we explore possible topics that have not been discussed by competitors and see if there are any valuable search terms for the topic.

#2 Create An Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is essential for brands because it creates posting consistency that search engine algorithms love and audiences become accustomed to reading. It also gives us a chance to plan for content scheduling and allows the brand to approve our strategy.

WordRev Is on a quest to be a total fractional content management team for companies while still allowing them to approve the future post and schedule their own ideas.

editorial calendar case study

The content calendar it’s created within Google drive because most companies are familiar with the Google ecosystem. ProxyEmpire Has access to their content calendar along with us, but we have set the privacy or no outside parties can view the calendar.

#3 HQ Media + Publishing

High-quality content is essential, but when you add unique images to the experience it can increase brand growth while creating a unique persona. With ProxyEmpire’s package, they receive one unique image that matches their branding guidelines.

Of course, we make the dimensions of the image suit the size of the client’s project.

content marketing strategy case study

As a bonus, we publish the content for ProxyEmpire using the WordPress content management system as an author. Each published post includes on-page optimization like filling in the appropriate meta description, media alt text and wrapping the content in the correct markup language.

content marketing optimization case study

Our team knows how to work with multiple plugins like Yoast, All In One SEO, and RankMath.


Keep in mind that in March of 2022 their domain name was switched from the penalized to and since that time their ranking and the top 100 for over 100 keywords thanks to our content optimization.

They’ve also managed to be noticed by top blogs in their space like IAmAttila.

Where We Go From Here

ProxyEmpire is a valued client of ours and we look forward to working with them as we increase their brand awareness through content marketing. They will attest to the fact that we offer a completely hands-off solution for brands that want to grow with quality content that engages.

Without revealing any internal knowledge we’re planning on increasing the number of articles published for our client and their internal team is going to include a call of action.

Our goal it’s going to be shifting from a volume of keywords for the top of funnel success onto converting the traffic into signups which is critical for SaaS growth.

How You Can Start

ProxyEmpire is not alone…

Founders with companies under 20 employees understand that they need content for growth but are already wearing too many hats to do it internally. As a matter of fact, we save the average startup $67,000 a year because they can outsource the growth to us.

You can sign up for free and take advantage of our $2 trial to test our content for yourself.

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